We have a rich history and an abundant life because of the sacrifices of soldiers who fought for our freedom. This REMEMBRANCE Day, it is time to REMEMBER and be thankful for the brave hearts who chose to protect our freedom. Because of these soldiers, we have FREEDOM OF CHOICE. No matter what, we always have a CHOICE.

It may sound strange, but we sometimes unconsciously CHOOSE to lose. In life, you are the soldier, and some of the battles that you face are procrastination, negative self-talk, inaction, and low level of commitment. If you lose at these small everyday battles, it becomes difficult to win the ultimate war to succeed.

Success is similar, we have to remember the importance of small tasks. Every decision that we make increases or decreases our chances to succeed.

Let us honour the men and women who fought for our freedom by exercising our ability to CHOOSE. Let’s CHOOSE to commit to our goals. Let’s choose to prioritize and perform to the best of our abilities. Let us remember that their sacrifices mean we get to CHOOSE the life we want to lead. CHOOSE wisely.