Does the idea of a standard 12-15 hour workday or a 60-70 hour work week (without overtime!) seem unacceptable to you? Well, that is what workers had to struggle with up to the late 1800s. It took decades of protests and organized resistance for us to have shorter work hours. The 2-day weekend, maternity leave, minimum wage and much more, are victories won by the labour movement.  

So, pausing to commemorate the struggles and victories of the labour movement is not only good from a historical perspective but also helps the next generation protect and preserve their rights for the future. Labour Day became an official national holiday in Canada in 1894. Let’s never lose the significance of the journey that got us to where we are. 

While we in North America paused this past weekend to enjoy BBQs, time with friends and family and parades (ok, not this year!), let us recognize that there are many struggling and facing deplorable living conditions on a daily basis.  

Change happens when enough people decide that the current situation is unacceptable and choose to take action either individually or collectively.  

What action do you need to take today that will start the chain reaction of change that future generations will be thankful for?