Oranges grow from an orange seed; apples grow from an apple seed. You cannot expect bananas to grow from either of them. You REAP WHAT YOU SOW

If you SOW the seed with consistency and dedication, your efforts will bear good fruit sooner or later. SOW the seeds of good deeds, determination, moral values, and these seeds will reap good fruit in the shape of healthy relationships, as well as personal and professional achievements.  

The quality of the fruit depends on how you nurture it. Just like the seed needs nurturing in the form of water and sunlight, so does your relationships and your success goals.

Be cautious that the seeds you are SOWING that are leading to the fruit you want. Much like weeds, it is hard to remove them once they take root. Remember, you REAP WHAT YOU SOW. 

This week: With spring approaching, what seeds are you getting ready to SOW?