Let’s take time to reflect on the beauty of SEASONSSummer brings warmth and sunshine, it represents the bright days in our life. In autumn, the leaves start turning colours, the tree branches become bare which signals change. The arrival of winter brings cold and harsh conditions and life gets hard. Eventually, spring arrives with the hope of new beginnings. Every SEASON  has its own uniqueness. Each one requires us to adapt differently.

Similar to nature, our life has SEASONS. We can live the same every year, survive, and get ourselves in a rut or we can break the pattern. Why not enjoy the bright days, embrace change, weather the storms and feel confident that all this will bring growth and new life.

When the winter days of your life appear, remember that this harsh SEASON  brings the biggest growth opportunities. Take chances, make mistakes as you will be rewarded.  Life is all about making enough mistakes to bring on growth, otherwise stagnation sets in.

While writing the story of your life, never let anyone else hold the pen, embrace each SEASON, take risks, make enough mistakes and remember to throw on your jacket as you prepare for the cold.