Choose to Do

Now that you have discovered where you are in your life and success path right now and written down where you want to go, it is important that we tell you how this course can help you achieve the success you desire. The next lessons will center in making decisions and creating a plan. We will give you the tools and the support of a coach and a community to make this journey interesting, challenging, but also enjoyable. However, the most important part of this process will be you. If you decide to start this journey it is important to keep in mind that by doing it you are making a promise to yourself to push forward to see your life change for the better.

There is an old story of a General going to battle, immediately upon arriving on the shores of the land he was to attack, he ordered the boats that carried his army to be burned. Addressing his men, he told them to look at the boats that were aflame, “we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win”. He ensured there was no option for a retreat. We win or we perish! They won.

The moral of this story is: do not give yourself an easy retreat from your dreams, fully commit to your goals.

Even though it might be a long and challenging process, if you commit and take responsibility for your success we promise you that by the end of the year you will feel happier and more successful that you will want to do this all over again! 

We can’t wait to help you achieve anything you want!

Let ‘s get started!



Worksheet: Your "Why"


Worksheet: Your "Who"