Have you ever been asked the question “Who are you” or “Tell me about yourself”?

It is important to KNOW the answer to these questions. This is not limited to a job interview; you need these answers for yourself. You are more than the job you are at or the one you are looking for. You are what you seek and an embodiment of your life story. When you KNOW WHO YOU ARE, you can better position yourself to achieve the success you desire.

When you step out into the world, you need to convey your worth through your thoughts, choices, and actions. You can only convey this if you KNOW WHO YOU ARE. The process of KNOWING yourself is on-going. It requires you to spend time with yourself in self-reflection and introspection.

Try meditation as it calms your mind and can help you in the process of getting to KNOW WHO YOU ARE. You can also keep a journal to capture your innermost thoughts and feelings. This will help you track the choices that bring you happiness. The sooner you get to KNOW WHO YOU ARE, the better.

KNOW yourself and you will start finding yourself in the right places and with the right people.