Grace and Ella went to the same high school; they were well-mannered, disciplined, and hard-working. Both graduated and pursued different post-secondary options, where they performed well. One evening, Grace read Ella’s post on social media that she had secured a position with a prestigious firm months before graduating. Before reading Ella’s post, Grace was happy and thought she was well on her way to success. She was happy for Ella but now questioned her success. 

Everyone’s life moves at a different pace. Our journeys may look alike, but they are different. The story of the “Hare and the Tortoise reminds us that one must be persistent and resilient, staying in motion. Slow and steady wins the race. Reaching our destination at the right time is better than rushing to burn out early.  
Life is a marathon, NOT a sprint. Run your race, keep your eyes on your journey and enjoy the scenery.