It is very important to make plans; however, circumstances sometimes require these plans to be CHANGED. What are the triggers to let us know when we need to make a CHANGE?

Let us look at the current situation; it is unusual for the Government to address the nation daily. Yet they realize the importance of timely information. New protocols are announced every day, as they make CHANGES to address health and financial concerns. If this was not being done with such regularity it would lead to chaos.

Similarly, we need to identify triggers or indicators for when we need to revisit our plans and make CHANGES to ensure that we are still on our path to success. Sometimes these triggers come from the people around us as we may be too overwhelmed or caught up in our own thoughts to identify them ourselves.

That is why we need an inner circle of trustworthy people to support us on our journey. The right people in our life can provide us with better insight and perspective on when we need to make necessary CHANGES.

Action: Take the time to revisit your 2020 success plan and see if anything needs adjustment due to our current situation. Validate your thoughts with someone you trust.