Do you know that your best life lies outside your comfort zone?

It is only by overcoming challenges that we GROW to our full potential. Like a teabag, which only gets stronger and flavourful after being put in hot water, we can use our current situation to GROW and get stronger.

Stepping outside our comfort zone can be risky but risk allows us to GROW. A rubber band only knows how strong it is when it is stretched beyond its limits. Our potential is the same. If we do not take risk and try new things, or do old things in new ways, we limit our GROWTH.

Action: Use this time we have been given to identify opportunities that will propel your GROWTH.  Take some courses, update your resume, learn a new skill, start a new business, de-clutter your space, etc.

We will be launching a community of like-minded individuals who are open to using this “Covid” time to GROW.

More details to follow