As we face this pandemic that has forced all of humanity to pause and take a much-needed break, let us be GRATEFUL. Let us take this opportunity to reflect on all the things in our lives that are going well. Let us also reflect on the things that we need to improve on so we may come out of this crisis, better and stronger than we were when it started.

While we practice physical-distancing and self-quarantine, we can use this as an opportunity to focus on our health, our family, relationships and all the things we have always wanted to do but never had time for.

How fortunate are we to have the power of the internet to stay connected and communicate even in isolation. Let’s be GRATEFUL for the people working tirelessly to support our food supply and health care systems. Let’s be GRATEFUL for our governments who are working together across borders to find a solution to this worldwide crisis.

Now is a great time to use the resources being offered for free, throughout the world wide web, allowing us access to the world’s greatest museums, art galleries, online books and university courses. In this time of uncertainty, there is still so much to be GRATEFUL for.

Nature has asked us to take a pause. Let’s listen, pause, reflect and be GRATEFUL.