Spontaneous DECISIONS can sometimes be good, especially when time is of the essence. Some DECISIONS we need to pause, gather facts, brainstorm and weigh the pros and cons, before we DECIDE. However, we must follow through and DECIDE.

Some of us struggle to make a DECISION because we fear making the wrong DECISION. In most cases, we can go back and make changes to our DECISION. We need to remember that our DECISIONS are not written in stone.

On the other hand, taking too long to make a DECISION may take the DECISION out of our hands. This could be in the form of a missed opportunity or someone else DECIDING for us.

Here are some tips to help with DECISION making:

  1. Pause, do not feel pressured to answer immediately,
  2. Ask for more time i.e. “Can I get back to you”,
  3. Set a time frame to decide,
  4. Get clear on what we are being asked,
  5. Make a pros/cons list.

Remember, not making a DECISION is still making a DECISION.