CONVERSATIONS are powerful. We can find our way out of most dilemmas by talking about them. If we talk about what concerns us, we could possibly connect to the people who either have the answers or are looking for the same. CONVERSATIONS are not confined to questions and answers. They enable us to share ideas and build on them and in the process, we learn from one another.

CONVERSATIONS help in healing. If something is making our heart heavy, we should talk about it. With a lighter heart, we can better focus on working towards our goals. At times, listening to others’ perspectives helps us to make better decisions about our future actions and reactions.

Striking CONVERSATIONS is not always easy. It takes self-confidence to walk up to a person, and talk to them. It has been found that a person’s success depends on the number of uncomfortable CONVERSATIONS that they have.

Step out of your comfort zone. Get uncomfortable. Realize the power of CONVERSATION. You never know where this may lead you!