Life is unpredictable. It can get tough at times. Sometimes this undermines our confidence and causes us to question our worth. During these times, we need someone to lift us up. We need a reliable person who knows our story, who can give us the push we need to dust ourselves off and keep working toward our success.

Anyone can give advice, especially when it is free. However, we cannot rely on just anyone, we need people who genuinely want us to succeed. This could be our family or close friends. These people become our “CIRCLE of CARE“. They care deeply enough to cheer us on as well as “butt-kick” us when we need it.

All relationships are two way. In exchange for our CIRCLE of CARE supporting us, we must do the same for them. We need to take the time to nurture these relationships.

ACTION: Take a moment to think of people who are in your CIRCLE of CARE. Reach out to them, see how they are doing and let them know that you are thinking of them.