Table of Contents

  1. Achievers Making an Impact
  2. We are pleased to introduce you to the Francis Family
  3. In the face of adversity, FMB is launched
  4. Acting on the family’s passion
  5. Keeping the passion alive, and what’s next
  6. Leveraging your values to build your dream
  7. More About Functional Mind & Body

Achievers Making an Impact

We at Achieve, believe that Black History should be an ongoing celebration, not just one month a year. In keeping with the Canadian theme of the 2021 Black History Month, “The Future is Now”, we are showcasing the success story of a family that, in face of adversity, acted together to build and grow a business that Impacts the lives of many others.

We are pleased to introduce you to the Francis Family

This family understands that The Future is Now and is taking action today to make our tomorrow a better place. Both Terrence and Jackie emigrated from Jamaica, and as fate would have it, their parents settled in the Jane & Finch corridor in the early 1980s. Now celebrating over 30 years of marriage, and two wonderful daughters, they are always striving to give selflessly to the betterment of others in their community.

Terrence and Jackie’s community involvement includes eight-plus years of mentoring boys and young men about God through the sport of basketball, volunteering with the Heart 2 Heart Ministries program in the east end of the city and years as leading members of a Toastmaster’s International speaking club in Scarborough comprised of mostly visible minorities.

In 2018, Terrence and Jackie, in wanting to create a legacy and a future for their family, enrolled their daughters, Shekia and Meeka, in the Achieve™ Success by Design program. By enrolling their daughters, they gave their daughters the opportunity to have the leadership skills, tools and strategies so they could identify success on their terms and build their road map to this success. Both Shekia and Meeka did amazing in the Success By Design program.

Content with their daughter’s progress, and wanting to contribute more to their community, Terrence and Jackie completed the Achieve™ Unleashed to Serve program, in 2019. A program that focuses on empowering people to use their gifts and talents to be of service to others.

“In order to make an impactful change in your life, you must first envision this change in its glory and that is what Success By Design and Unleashed to Serve helped Jackie and me to accomplish”.

Terrence Francis

Empowered to take her success to the next level, Shekia continues to thrive with her involvement in the Achievers Inner Circle. This follow-on support program offers graduates of Achieve programs an opportunity to receive continued support by continuing a connection with our coaches and other Achievers through weekly accountability calls coupled with success lessons.

“I have continued to be involved with Achieve and am now a part of the Achievers Inner Circle program. In it, I am surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals/ friends who help hold me accountable as I continue to reach new goals that I have set for myself. I love that Achieve continues to be a part of my journey and a part of my growth as it is where the building blocks of FMB were started.”

Shekia Francis

In the face of adversity, FMB is launched

In the heart of the pandemic, the Francis family actioned their learnings and launched a successful family business called Functional Mind and Body (FMB).

The idea of FMB emerged from the family’s involvement with their local church, Global Kingdom Ministries, and continual discussions at their family table.

For years, Terrence tossed around ideas in his head about how he could leverage his love of the sport of boxing, which he toiled for many years at the Cabbagetown Boxing Club in Toronto. The last four years of that stint saw Terrence fighting as a professional where he competed across Canada and Internationally. The ironic thing is that these thoughts would almost always manifest themselves in Terrence’s head when he was at his Sunday church service.

The church also played a role in the vision of the Francis ladies. At one Sunday service, a senior member of their church prayed for Shekia and Meeka and foretold them of her vision of them working together as a team to Impact lives in their community.

Acting on the family’s passion

Through the Achieve programs and continual family discussions at the dining table, the family was able to conclude that they all desired a similar future of working together and supporting each other in a protective family setting, while positively impacting their community with priority given to the most vulnerable.

Terrence’s passion was the sport of boxing, Jackie’s passion as a Registered Nurse, was proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Shekia’s passion as a Kinesiologist was physical exercise and working with the elderly community, and Meeka’s passion was working with and mentoring the vulnerable, especially the disabled community.

As leaders of the family, Jackie and Terrence leveraged the Unleashed to Serve program to work with their daughters, who leveraged their learning from their Success by Design program, to put the building blocks of FMB together. And, together, they realized that there was a cognitive component to all their areas of focus and passion, and this was the birth of FMB.

Keeping the passion alive, and what’s next

Soon after launching Functional Mind & Body with Shekia in the lead, she began to slowly build a clientele focused on one-to-one engagements. Not long after the world changed, COVID showed its face and shook up the family’s plan.

Convinced that the family’s vision was spiritually inspired, the decision that there was no turning back was quickly made and changes came with it. The team leveraged social media, and Its community-building aspect, and developed an online forum to reach out to their audience.

Today, the team Is optimistic about the future. They have not only endured the COVID challenge to this point, but they are growing and are now positioned to thrive in a post/controlled pandemic era. Expansion into suitable rental space and program expansions are on the near horizon.

Leveraging your values to build your dream

We love that this family combined their individual talents and passions along with their shared desire to impact their community to build a business together. They didn’t just dream about it, they took action! They invested in themselves and continue to do so as they reach for bigger goals. They are true Achievers, pushing through adversities, pivoting when required and continuing to improve as they grow an impactful business.

The Francis Family realized that living their values is essential to a fulfilling and happy life and, we are glad to see that the FMB program shares many of the same values that Achieve was founded on. Like Achieve, they value Community, Continued Growth and Authenticity.

Read more about Achieve’s Values here

Please help us celebrate Terrence, Jackie, Shekia & Meeka on not only moving towards achieving their Best Life but impacting the world in their journey. Learn more about what they do by visiting their website.

More About Functional Mind & Body

FMB was designed to positively impact a portion of our population, people aged 50 years and older, sometimes encroaching a vulnerable stage in life. Their unique approach incorporates cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) or simply brain training as a component of physical training routines.

We at FMB journey with our clients in a proactive manner to aid them in maintaining independence as they age.


Their brain training is built for the participant to have fun while performing the exercises. The training is sometimes conducted through games as well as interactive questioning during breaks, leading to physical routines where the focus is given to the five areas of thinking. The FMB catalogue now consists of five distinct modules with plans of expansion to seven in the coming months.

To find out more about how you can age well; mentally and physically, check out their services at