We all do it. We all have those tasks that we know we have to do but we just can’t bring ourselves to do them. So, what steps can we take to stop procrastination in its tracks? 

Procrastination: Stop Stopping

1. Figure out why you’re procrastinating

Is this a particularly difficult task? Does it involve certain steps that you hate doing i.e., making phone calls or building a spreadsheet? Identifying what’s stopping you from completing an important task is crucial in helping you move forward.  

2. Get organized 

Write down whatever it is that you’ve been avoiding into smaller bite-sized tasks. Procrastination often becomes a habit when we perceive a task to be bigger than it really is. Actually seeing what you need to do can help you realize that the task is far less daunting than it originally seemed. 

3. Set deadlines 

Having a deadline will give you a clear idea of when your task should be finished. Creating deadlines can be a great way to give yourself the motivation you need in order to finish something. 

4. Hold yourself accountable 

It can be hard to hold yourself accountable when you are so used to putting things off. Find a friend or someone with who you are willing to share your goals and can talk regularly. It’s a lot harder to succumb to procrastination when you have to admit out loud to someone all of the things that you haven’t been doing. 

5. Tackle the hardest tasks at your peak times 

A lot of times, we find ourselves in a vicious cycle of procrastination when we push things to the time of day where we no longer have the motivation to get things done. Do you work best at the beginning of the day? Maybe you work best after everyone has gone to bed. Regardless, identify your most productive time of the day and complete your most difficult tasks then. 

Type in the comment box below, what is one thing that you’ve been putting off that you can get started on right now? We want to help you get it moving.

“You may delay, but time will not.”

– Benjamin Franklin